The Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum

This Congress, to be held in February, is always a special one. The numerous fans of the “Krasnoyarsk format” like the winter meetings in the centre of Siberia for their openness and frankness of discussion, their urgency and relevancy, as well as their unfailing purpose in achieving practical results.

The 2015 Forum will further develop all these characteristics. The forum’s events will be held in brainstorm mode, aimed at developing proposals for the Government’s and the corporate sector’s roadmap. The first – and the most important – day of the forum will be dedicated to the work on the agenda of Russia’s cooperation with countries in the Asia-Pacific Region. The second day will be dedicated to discussion of a wide range of issues related to Russian national economic growth. The forum will start with the traditional “Generation2020” Project Youth Day, during which students from Russia and Asia, under supervision of the outstanding mentors and trainers, will be working on formulating projects aimed at improving the environment in the everyday life aspects important for young professionals.

Published business program of the Krasnoyarsk economic forum - 2015 "Russia and the Asia Pacific region: policy integration for development projects" - the theme of the upcoming 12 Krasnoyarsk economic forum, which will take place in Krasnoyarsk (international exhibition and business center "Siberia", Ul. Aviators, 19) 26-28 February 2015. The main agenda of the forum in 2015 will be the issues of import substitution and development of Russia's relations with countries in the Asia-Pacific region and the BRICS countries. Today in a global world processes are regrouping of forces, the formation of a new paradigm of international relations. The slowdown in the global economy is becoming systemic. In turn, Asia today is the most rapidly developing part of the world. New models of development and interaction are born, tested, become successful and scale it there. Reliable partnerships with countries in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as the BRICS, are becoming a priority. Cooperation in the field of investment, Finance, science and education with the immediate neighbors of Russia, China, Korea and Japan, as well as Singapore, Taiwan, India, Brazil and South Africa carries a powerful potential joint projects. On the platform 12 of the Krasnoyarsk economic forum leading Russian and foreign experts in an open dialogue with the authorities plan to identify possible models of interaction of Russia with other countries, as well as to identify potentially attractive interstate development projects.