The Sochi International Investment Forum 2015

The Sochi International Investment Forum is a contemporary venue for constructive dialogue between business and government that was set up with the support of the Russian Government to address development of the global economy and its principal trends, discuss the outlook for investment and innovation in our country and to showcase ambitious investment projects in Russia’s regions.

Over the years, the Sochi Forum has established itself as the key investment event in Russia and is recognised by the world business community. Every year, the Forum is attended by leaders of foreign countries, ambassadors and heads of diplomatic missions and of transnational corporations and leading Russian enterprises, experts and analysts, as well as representatives of leading world media.

The business programme of what is rightly considered to be the main investment event in the country will see an open discussion of the most acute issues of regional economic development. The plenary session is the key event of the Forum, which traditionally addresses the most relevant issues relating to the economic and investment future of Russia and its regions. Last year, economic development and living standards topped the agenda. The main topic of the plenary session of the International Investment Forum Sochi-2014 was RUSSIA BETWEEN EUROPE AND ASIA: NEW REGIONAL POLICY UNDER CONTEMPORARY CONDITIONS.

The Forum’s motto “Investments: the Key to the Development of the Russian Economy” fully reflects contemporary trends in the long-term strategy for achieving growth and economic prosperity.

The Forum serves as a platform for the signing of promising investment agreements. Emphasis should be placed on projects that have contributed to the investment development of the Krasnodar Region, as well as ones targeting development of the infrastructure of Sochi and construction of the Olympic facilities.

On 01–04 October 2015, the Main Media Centre located in the Olympic Park (the coastal cluster in the Imeretinskaya Valley) will host the International Investment Forum Sochi-2015.

The participants in the Sochi-2014 Forum will have a unique opportunity to present their investment potential at one of the most remarkable facilities in the Olympic Park. The Main Media Centrehas all the advantages of a world-class expo centre: indoor exhibition space accommodating stands of any configuration, a modern communications system, the option of plugging in the exposition to all the necessary networks, and convenient logistics and navigation systems. The design concept of the Main Media Centre provides convenient access to the events of the Forum for limited mobility people. Furthermore, the Main Media Centre operates its own medical station, full cycle kitchens, as well as specialised premises for all services involved in organisation of the Forum.

The press centre of the Main Media Centre provides sufficient work areas for media representatives and offers convenience and comfort.

The cultural programme of the Sochi-2015 Forum is also varied. The Forum will feature the traditional Kuban Wines and Kuban Cuisine festivals, which have been appreciated by participants in the Forum in previous years. The Forum participants and guests, as well as Sochi residents, will also enjoy a concert.

One of the most interesting theams of the Forum will be small and medium business. Two tables discussion will take place in this year/