The Russian small business began moving abroad. Not to stop process any more but it is possible to slow down

15th October 2013

"The Russian newspaper" writes that small and individual entrepreneurs close business in Russia and move abroad. Territories with warm climate are especially popular: Southern Europe, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam.

"In the last one and a half years process grows, becomes a tendency," the vice-president of National institute of system researches of problems of business Vladimir Buyev speaks. Sense not in diversification of assets which were earned in Russia in recent years, not about registration of companies in an offshore. There is a conversation on withdrawal of money abroad, registration own or purchase of the ready companies. It occurs when in Europe, for example, the competition is highest, niches are filled long ago, profitability of the small companies doesn't exceed 3-7%. For comparison: in Russia small businessmen count on tens and hundreds percent of profitability. "But there it is safer, more accurate, more clear", Yury Fursov from Chelyabinsk, the owner of small business in Arab Emirates speaks.
Russians in large quantities get today in the developing Asian countries mini-hotels, restaurants, houses with several apartments or shops, travel agencies, schools, hairdressing salons, medical clinics, medical offices, fitness studios, surf - and diving clubs, redeem the earth, hotels.
Outflow of finance is not the main thing. In small business there are no excess profits. The human capital, stability of social system of consumption, internal demand which in each state are guaranteed by middle class is most important.
The first vice-president of the All-Russian public organization of small and medium business "The SUPPORT of Russia" Vladislav Korochkin says that not to stop process of an outcome of businessmen any more, but it is possible to slow down if to start creating in the country a friendly business environment without constant tension.


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