Deputies of all fractions unanimously support the bill which facilitates life to individual entrepreneurs

18th October 2013

Deputies considered the Tax code of the Russian Federation who are urged to specify an order of use of patent system of the taxation and the accounting of taxpayers in the first reading the amendment.

The deputy minister of finance Sergey Shatalov explained that the bill will provide to individual entrepreneurs of the application for the patent at the same time with documents which it provides at the state registration as the individual entrepreneur.

The official explained that it has to occur in case the individual plans to carry out business activity from the date of his state registration as the individual entrepreneur on the basis of the patent in the subject of Russia in which territory it consists on the account in tax authority in a residence. In this case action of the patent begins from the date of its state registration.
The vice-chairman of the State Duma Budget and Taxes Committee Nadezhda Maksimova added that members of profile committee, deputies of all fractions unconditionally supported this bill.


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