The head of Chamber of Commerce and Industry considers that the law on federal contract system will stimulate to development of small business

18th October 2013

The trade and industrial chamber (CCI) of Russia doesn't doubt that the law on federal contract system of government procurements will give to business new opportunities for development. Sergey Katyrin reported about it at a meeting with the president of Russia Vladimir Putin chapter CCI. The president asked Mr. Katyrin as businessmen treat the new law on federal contract system. "We recently and in last years spoke about need of more free access of small and medium business to government procurements and purchases of the companies with the state participation. How you feel it, whether there is something in this sense the positive? " Putin asked chapter CCI.

Mr. Katyrin answered, "We believe that there is a tendency to give the chance even more for business within already new law on federal contract system. " He added, as within the 94th law existing now recently electronic platforms allow small business to participate rather actively in government procurements and to apply for implementation of the state order.

The head of chamber emphasized that the volume of the state order in Russia rather big - about 7 trillion rubles. If to give 15% of these transactions for purchase to small business, it is really strong support. Katyrin told the head of state a number of thoughts on this subject, "We think that it is necessary to extend action of these of 15% for the law which regulates purchases for the state companies and the companies with the state participation. The Ministry of Economics estimated that it approximately the same volume of purchases on these companies, about 6-7 trillion rubles. " It explained that in that case small business will be able already to participate in the auction for the sum of 14 trillion rubles. The head of chamber recognized that at government procurements it is necessary to adjust feedback to trace these 15% that they really got to small business not only on paper and really appeared there.
"How to make it? " the president of Russia asked. Chapter CCI agreed that it is difficult system, it is discussed by Federal Antimonopoly Service chamber. Katyrin told that officials in chamber of Federal Antimonopoly Service are concerned by demands which arrive on the electronic auction. This figure is, but actually happens so that it is the large companies supervise smaller firms. As a result larger companies are exposed and settle down at the auction. Katyrin also specified that it concerns government procurements.
"The companies with the state participation meanwhile in general aren't present, and in their legislation doesn't exist. Therefore we wanted to ask you to support that the state companies and the companies with the state participation extended it to the purchases. Certainly, it shouldn't affect those areas of the defensive order for which small enterprises hardly can apply." the head of chamber told.
Mr. Putin agreed with him. The president added, "There is a defensive part, there is also a hi-tech part. It rather difficult for small and medium business today. All the same this idea it is necessary to think over and seek to realize it."


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