Small business will save on accounts department

3rd November 2013

Owners of small business received financial ease. They have the right to form now accounting reports in the simplified look. But, these rights were acquired by only small enterprises and non-profit organizations at which receipts of money and property for the previous fiscal year don't exceed 3 million rubles. Besides, the law extends on the organization which received the status of participants of projects of the innovative center "Skolkovo".

Vladimir Putin signed the Federal law "About modification of the Federal law "About accounting". About it reports a site of the Kremlin.

As explains state and legal management of the Kremlin, the new law is directed on decrease in expenses of the small companies and separate non-profit organizations when conducting accounting.

Background of adoption of the new law such is. In the law "About Accounting" it is written that since January 1, 2013 all organizations and the enterprises have to conduct accounting without fail. It doesn't depend on taxation system which they apply. With coming into effect of the law of expenditure of small enterprises and non-profit organizations, including on compensation of the qualified accountants, considerably increased. To lower load of small business, to it is given the chance to apply the simplified ways of accounting which include the simplified (financial) reporting.

In the law also there is a list of persons who are exempted from conducting accounting. In this list present by the way

The bank of Russia suggests to enter since January 1, 2014 the simplified order of conducting cash operations for individual entrepreneurs and subjects of small business. This information follows from the draft of the indication of the Central Bank which is published on a regulator site.

Businessmen are individual will be able not to prepare the cash document if keep account the income and expenses in the account book on the basis of primary documents.

Both legal entities and individual entrepreneurs will be able to conduct cash operations with use of ATMs and other technical complexes. Thus, if the design of such complexes provides reception of banknotes, they have to distinguish not less than four protective signs of banknotes of Bank of Russia. This requirement will be enacted since January 1, 2015. Now and individual entrepreneurs it is payers of a uniform tax on imputed income for separate kinds of activity. Small enterprises regardless of their kinds of activity can apply also simplified accounts department. Still such preferences were provided to individual entrepreneurs who are engaged in private practice, and to branches of the foreign organizations.



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