2nd September 2013

The Agency for Strategic Initiatives, the Public Opinion Foundation and ITAR-TASS presented a new draft of the regional rankings "Business Pulse".

This is the project of the new regions rating, which will be drawn on the basis of opinion polls on the business climate state in 79 regions of Russia.

Researchers are interested in people’s assessment of the business climate quality in the region, of the attitude of regional authorities to entrepreneurs, as well as of the business development dynamics in the region. The project "Business Pulse" has two strategic objectives.

Alexander Oslon, Head of the Public Opinion Foundation, explained that the purpose of ranking "is not only to get the comparative information for the comparison of regions, but also to develop ideas and proposals on how to change the situation in the regions".

According to Andrei Nikitin, Director General of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, the necessity for such a study appeared in 2012, when, according to the Decree of the President from September 10, 2012 No. 1276, approaches to evaluating the effectiveness of the leaders of the subjects of the Russian Federation changed.

"Regional authorities should take steps to develop the business climate and the non-purpose sector of the economy that should provide us with the economy growth", said Andrei Nikitin.

In regard to the expected results of the study, Andrei Nikitin said that Regional investment standard have been already developed, "and consists of 15 best practices that help the regions to work with entrepreneurs and investors" (now the project is being implemented in 68 subjects of the Russian Federation). "It is possible that this Standard can be amended according to the research results", he said.

"An entrepreneur takes a decision to invest or reduce investments, based on his own subjective feelings, and we, as an Agency, need to know how entrepreneurs evaluate the dynamics of changes in the region. "Business Pulse" is a project that will allow us to compare the tool (the Standard) with the result", said Andrei Nikitin.

In his turn, Sergey Mikhailov, Director General of ITAR-TASS, expressed the hope that the current study will not become a "one-off event". "Business Pulse" is not just a research, but also an analytical structure.

The study uses a new approach - the so-called "active sociology": sociologists do not lose contact with their respondents, and engage them in further cooperation. So, the respondents get a special Internet portal, where they provide a more detailed assessment of various aspects of doing business in the region.

The first results of the "Business Pulse" are expected to be presented in late October - early November 2013.


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