23rd October 2013

A meeting of experts of the Regional Committee on Business and consumer market with potential partners of the Center for Entrepreneurship Support of the Tula region (educational institutions and consulting organizations) was held on October 18 at the Center for Business Development of the Sberbank of Russia.

As vice chairman of the committee Katherina Soltanova said one of the major challenges for today is to create such forms of work with small and medium-sized businesses which can help maximize the level of entrepreneurial activity in the region. Exactly for this Tula region Business Support Center was created in September.

According to Soltanova a set of measures will be implemented on its base, including the training of entrepreneurs, providing of consulting services and assistance in the implementation of stand-alone projects.

In addition, the center will focus on the development of arts and crafts in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship.
To achieving the objectives for meeting the needs of businesses large role is given to partner organizations which will be selected on a competitive basis.

Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship Support Tula region Renat Krukov told representatives of educational institutions and consulting organizations about the proposed to discuss scheme of interaction between the Centre with partners in the provision of training and consulting services.

Exchange of views on the choice of the best forms of such cooperation, including the criteria for selecting partners, a list of services that are relevant to entrepreneurs, mechanisms of state support, implemented by Committee Tula region on business and consumer markets was held during the meeting.


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