25th October 2013

In Komi number of potential young entrepreneurs is growing.

In Komi number of potential young entrepreneurs is growing.
From the beginning of September Komi Republican business-incubator conducted training courses in the basics of entrepreneurship in Knyazhpoghost, Ukhta and Syktyvkar. The next Tuesday training in Vorkuta will begin and then – in Udora and Syktyvdinsk district.
Until the end of year the specialists of the training centre will train future businessmen in Sysolsk and Priluzsk districts and in Koigorodok will give a master class on taxation and accounting.

On Monday, October 28, Syktyvkar students protect business-projects. According to the Deputy Director of the business incubator Angelina Belyaeva, direction of future activities of students is increasingly shifting towards IT technologies. Business associated with online shopping and virtual educational centers are becoming popular. In this thread there are entrepreneurs wanting to breed ostriches and pheasants.

In Syktyvkar group today there are a record number of candidates for grants on development of entrepreneurship – 48. Four of them were expelled; however, economic development Ministry has received over three hundred applications for training in this group. Thus, there were more than six people in the place. "The number of people wanting to open a business grows, despite toughening of the tax legislation, - A. Belyaeva comment for Finno-Ugric portal. - However, in different areas of the Komi Republic the situation is heterogeneous. Priluzye, for example, requested three studies per year and in Ukhta barely scored a group of twenty people". The reason is the different motivation on the part of municipalities. In Ukhta, for example, grants for their businesses for young entrepreneurs are not provided and in Syktyvkar this year business youth had good support.
In general the composition of the students is become younger: a lot of graduates and students. The youngest participant of study in this season was only 16 years old.


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