9th November 2013

The correspondent of «VM» has found how to best use the opportunities that the city offers to start-up and operating small businesses.

Head of GBU «Small business of Moscow» Dmitry Molchanov told about the main rules of maneuvering in financial and business information flows.

- Let's say a person has a business idea. What should he do next?

- First, I would advise to visit our training courses «Start your own business». They are free. Our teachers (the whole course is lasts for 72 hours) tell about the marketing, accounting, peculiarities of doing business.

- Where a new entrepreneur can get advice?

- In GBU (incidentally we have branches in different districts of Moscow); the addresses are available on our website For example, before registration of the company it is worth to talk with the lawyers – they will help to make the organizational-legal form, constituent documents.

- And what if the person is more or less aware of the nuances of the startup and he requires specific answers to specific questions?

- This information is also available. Our experts will tell, for example, on the procedure for obtaining a license, if the business requires or which requirements should have room under the cafe...

- The most interesting is the subsidy. When people can come for the money?

- Can do only after several months of working as an entrepreneur. Budget funds not distributed to the right and left for everyone, as some mistakenly believe. To get the right to material support the entrepreneur should before show its viability and growth prospects, provide a business plan and documents that the company has revenues.

- If a person has opened his own business and he did not successful how and where he can get advise what he is doing wrong?

- For such people there is a program of mentor support. In its framework we meet experienced and beginner entrepreneurs. Those who have already filled bumps and passed the stage of formation share their personal experiences with newcomers. This allows them to receive free invaluable knowledge, save time and effort. Finally, the Council colleagues help to overcome fear, frustration from the first failure. Entrepreneurship should be prepared not only materially, but also spiritually. Here people resistant and with a strong character are winning.

- GBU «Small business» has started work only in 2012. How many people have turned to you?

- About 66 thousand of Moscow people. About 5 thousand people went through training courses, 30 thousand of volunteers enrolled in the Register of subjects of small and average business of Moscow, 30 thousands were provided with consulting services. About 1000 subsidies were issued currently.

- What financial capabilities of entrepreneurs of Moscow used more often?

- At the stage of business formation businessmen come for a subsidy in the amount of 50 percent of the cost of equipment (but do not give more than 500 thousand rubles). If equipment is taken in leasing you can receive the compensation of 30% from the cost of rented equipment leasing. Many come for information and legal assistance: this procedure is free of charge. A significant number of Moscow staretupers seek for preferential rent in one of the incubators. By the way, I will remind: for a symbolic sum of money (2-5 thousand rubles a month) you can rent a space (desk, chair, Internet access) in business co-working center. Also service of the Fund of assistance to development of microfinance activities becoming more popular: if a small loan issue through the Fund it is possible to get a micro-credit base rate from 13 to 19 % per annum.


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