12th November 2013

A group of deputies introduced to the state Duma a bill “On the status of the national business in the Russian Federation" which regulates relations connected with the creation and termination of the status of the national business in Russia and defines the basic forms of the state support to the subjects having this status. However, business opinion about whether or not to divide it on a national basis, divided.

"Special formal status of the national business in resolving disputes is not needed. But the question is symptomatic in the sense that we have no strategic program of support of real sector of economy, support of national-oriented business, - Ostarkov, Vice-President of "Business Russia" considers. - To support the national business in reality, not just formally we must determine the priorities, carry out tax reform, create high-performance workplaces".

- It can set specific benchmarks in the market. Everyone knows that for Russian companies more difficult to reach markets when mature successful foreign giants make competition, become eventually monopolists. Any support from the state is always welcomed by Russian entrepreneurs. Another question, what is the support? And in General – whether state really need it? - head of the audit company "Confidence" Maxim Smooth-Rodionov asks.

Marcel Erin, commercial Director of a translation Agency "TransLink" is sure that the delineation of business on a national basis is a step forward for Russia. "On the one hand our company having all aspects of definition of national business not against of financial preferences. But in terms of economic development improving its investment environment, this initiative raises many questions" - he says. - What is the purpose of today there is such an amount of the joint ventures? What is the purpose annually investment forums? I think that in order to attract in our country foreign investment, reduce the financial burden on the state".

The draft law is aimed at regulation of relations connected with the creation and termination of the status of the national business in Russia, conducting single state register of such business. The status of the national business recognizes the special legal regime of Russian organizations working in the Russian Federation. They proposed to impose restrictions on granting of the status of companies, the share of foreign individuals or legal entities in which is more than 10% of their Charter capital or in regard to which a different kind of control from foreigners.

At the same time it is planned to provide all possible measures of state support for Russian businesses. In particular, it is about the use of the special preferential tax regime, restrictions on the size of the interest rate on loans and on the size of rates for the services of natural monopolies. Also it is planned to provide a preferential right in the privatisation process and the conclusion of contracts of lease of state and municipal property, allocation of land plots. In addition, "our" business is promised simplified licensing and registration procedures.

This initiative can only be welcome, Mikhail Malakhov, managing director of the company "LogLab" says: "We all are interested in economic development of their home countries. It is obvious that business is an important locomotive for such development. The given law will unquestionably benefit. Main advantages: it will be a serious stimulus for deofshorization of economy, the national business will leave more taxes in the Russian Federation, preferences, especially in the part of preferential crediting, will allow to develop business more actively. All countries, especially in Europe, support the national business through various mechanisms. So the adoption of this law will help to equalize conditions for Russian companies".

At the same time in conditions of market relations the organization should seek to work autonomously without relying on support from "above". The introduction of such bill would lead to an outflow of foreign investment, slowdown of economic growth of the country, and in no way increase the competitiveness of domestic products, Marcel Erin says. "In terms of attracting foreign investors, such "banners" cannot be posting. Official law given some preference for Russian businessmen can make negative impact on attracting foreign investment. Moreover, foreign investors in our "kitchen" is not always well-versed but rather try to focus on some signals, symptoms, signs, concludes Ostarkov. - The question about necessity of formalization of the status of national business - evidence of a certain hopelessness development of domestic business, and require effective measures to bring it out of the crisis". In «OPORA Russia» they still do not really understand the effectiveness of the proposed measures, Vice-President Mikhail Mamuta said: "it is quite obvious that thus we restrict foreign investment in the sector of Russian business. That's probably not contribute the growth of both the business and increase its competitiveness.

Increasing competitiveness is always the result of increasing competition and we, as a global country, compete with international companies, especially in the context of accession to the WTO. There is a risk that may occur situations when it will lead to reduction of competitiveness. On the other hand, to protect domestic producers, most certainly, but even within the WTO framework there are many effective measures. And we must learn how to use them".


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