19th December 2013

National welfare Fund in 2014 will allocate 200 billion rubles as of preferential loans to Russian companies.

Such amendments proposed for the second reading the draft Federal budget for 2014-2016. According to head of the Duma Committee on economic policy, innovation and entrepreneurship development Igor Rudensky, dedicated money can go "on the provision of preferential loans to Russian industrial enterprises on modernization and technical re-equipment of production".

Igor Rudensky offered by 1.5 billion rubles to increase funding for a number of articles of the budget.

So, for example, to support the domestic light and textile industry, as well as folk art crafts it is offered to allocate 600 million rubles. 200 million rubles, according to the deputies, should be referred to subside interest rates on loans obtained for the technical re-equipment of enterprises of agricultural and tractor machine-building, machine tool industry, timber processing complex, mechanical engineering for oil and gas complex and machine tool industry and special metallurgy.

200 million rubles in case of approval of the amendments will wait creators of new high-tech manufacturing industries in the forestry complex and additional 600 million rubles could get sub-program "Science and innovations" of the state program "Development of fishing industry".

Ministry of Finance published on its website the draft “Budget for citizens" in 2014-2016. On the cover page of the office there are no direct links to the document and they could be found only through a search engine, however specialists of agencies did, in fact, the first attempt to make the state budget informative and at the same time clear for an unprepared audience.

Next year all financial authorities of the country prepare such available "budgets".


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