Agency for Strategic Initiatives will support the contest of the best municipal practices initiated by “Business Success” project

11th March 2014

The project, initiated by OPORA RUSSIA to support small and medium business receives the status national

On March 5th All-Russian Forum “Territory for Business - Territory for Life” took place in Moscow, “Business success” contest results were announced in the frames of the Forum.

The event organized by All-Russian Non-Governmental Organization of  Small and Medium Business “OPORA RUSSIA” presented the best municipal practices territorial development based on the principles of municipal-private partnership.

The forum was attended by more than 1500 participants. Kostomukshskiy city district the Republic of Karelia became the winner of the competition.

According to “OPORA RUSSIA” President Alexander BRECHALOV in 2014 as a result of partnership with the Bank of Moscow municipality-winner will receive a city-branding with the cost of approximately one million rubles.

In his turn, Director General of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives Andrey NIKITIN said that this award, in fact, has become a national one. Next year, the Agency will become co-sponsors of the Competition suggesting their own nominations and the next year winners will also receive support from the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

Andrey NIKITIN also suggested such nominations as: “creation of new jobs”, “best practice of production modernization” and “social entrepreneurship”.



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