The State Duma will consider a law on franchising

24th April 2014

Currently, there is no the law and the concept of “franchising” in the Russian Federation

Law on Franchising was introduced to the State Duma. Initiators – a group of deputies of the faction “Fair Russia”.

The draft federal law aims to regulate relations arising regarding the preparation, conclusion, execution and termination of franchise agreements of the Russian Federation.

Currently, there is no the law and the concept of “franchising” in the Russian Federation. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs actively use in their practice and actively develop this form of activity, the authors of the draft law reported. This type of activity is now regulated by Chapter 54 of the Civil Code “On the commercial concession”.

“Business community is interested in legislating the concepts regulating this type of activity, but in the first place - raising barrier to fictive dishonorable companies”, - said the memorandum.

Conceptual framework should be introduced taking account of international practice and many years of experience in this field. Innovations “will support the balance of interests of the parties, their rights and responsibilities, will solve the problem of dummy franchises, clear the franchises market from unscrupulous franchisors and franchisees that as a consequence will have a positive impact on the industry as a whole”, said deputies.



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