Russian Government agrees with the proposal of the Ministry of Economic Development on RIA Development

18th June 2014

Minister considers it necessary, in particular, to extend regulatory impact assessment on the draft regulations on public procurement

Russian government agreed with the proposal of the Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Alexey ULYUKAYEV on further implementation and development of regulatory impact assessment, voiced during his report at a cabinet meeting on June 11. This was confirmed by the decision of the Government published today as a result of this meeting.

“The experience of introducing regulatory impact assessment of draft regulations shows that it can lead to significant cost savings of business community and budgets of all levels on excess requirements performance and monitoring their compliance” - the document says.

In accordance with the decisions, the Ministry of Economic Development should in the prescribed manner prepare and introduce a draft legal act aimed at the implementation of proposals for further introduction and development of RIA to the Government before December 1, 2014.

In its report A. ULYUKAEV proposed, inter alia, specify RIA subject area and extend it to draft acts that establish mandatory requirements for buildings and constructions, as well as draft acts concerning public procurement. The second proposal of the Minister concerns the refusal to post notices on preparation of drafts with a low degree of regulatory impact, leaving it only for the medium and high degrees of regulatory impact. Third proposal is about filling preliminary IA reports (summary reports) depending on regulatory impact degree.Fourth proposal – changing the procedure of calculating the duration of public consultations.

He also proposed to establish “single window” principle, when draft acts are published at once and for several purposes: regulatory impact assessment, anti-corruption expertise, or in other cases. According to A. ULYUKAEV, it will seriously reduce the time necessary for developing and adopting regulations.


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