The Government of the Russian Federation: General assessment of the conditions for doing business in Russia – 5.6 points out of 10

9th July 2014

Among the factors favorably affecting entrepreneurship climate is provision of land at the auction and implementation of the “single window” system

Russian government presented the results of evaluating the performance of heads of federal executive authorities and authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation, related to the creation of favorable conditions for entrepreneurship for the year 2013.

For example, according to a survey conducted among more than 5 thousand entrepreneurs from 77 federal subjects, overall assessment of business environment in Russia amounted to 5.6 points out of 10 (in 2012 - 4.2 points).

Performance assessment of the heads of federal executive bodies was carried out on 46 indicators with 32 indicators having achieved target values ​​(70%).

Achievement of such results was made possible due to implementation of “road maps” of the National Entrepreneurial Initiative to improve the investment climate in Russia and system work of the federal executive bodies.

Performance assessment of heads of subjects of the Russian Federation was carried out on 14 indicators in respect of 83 regions.

In groups of subjects of the Federation in terms of socio-economic development the best results were achieved by the Republic of Tatarstan (a group with a high base), Rostov region (group with an average base), Penza region (a group with a low base).


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