The Ministry of Industry and Trade established the Center for Foreign Trade Activities

6th August 2014

It is expected that the Center will become an effective platform for cooperation between federal authorities, business and expert community

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation announced the creation of the Information and Analytical Center for Foreign Trade Activities. It will become a single center to support Russian exports and protect the domestic market, the ministry said.

As explained by the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Viktor EVTUKHOV, activities of the Center will focus on resolving specific issues of domestic business in order to ensure the development of Russian industry and foreign trade.

Thus the Center’s mission and all its work will be associated with the improvement of Russia's foreign trade policy, a huge role in the Center’s activities will be played by business itself, in particular its active representatives, he said.

“In order to ensure the Center has highly qualified personnel, an open selection to fill vacant positions has been declared in cooperation with the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. Our task is to select highly qualified staff with a thorough knowledge of the international trading system, the WTO rules and regulations, the Russian legislation in the field of foreign trade regulation, as well as the legal framework of the Customs Union and Common Economic Space”, –said Victor EVTUKHOV.

The Center will be an effective communication platform for cooperation between federal authorities, business and expert community. Its goal is to ensure the development of Russian industry in the context of globalization, support domestic producers in terms of Russia's membership in the World Trade Organization and other international organizations, as well as rapid response to the arising risks of domestic companies in various industries in foreign trade activities.

During the selection of candidates the best international and domestic technologies will be used open competitive selection and assessment center (evaluation of personal competences). Deadline for submission is August 17, 2014. Applying for participation in an open competitive selection is carried out through information platform of the ASI Leader Development Institute - Leader ID.


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