The tax burden will not be increased in the next three years

1st May 2015

The conditions for business will not be deteriorated in the next three years and some indicators may even be improved.

This was announced by Deputy Finance Minister Sergey Shatalov at the “round table” of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation “Main directions of tax policy of the Russian Federation for 2016 and the planning period of 2017-2018”.

The Deputy Minister promised no fundamental changes in the tax policy. “The most important basic decision is taking a break. We are not planning global solutions and we do not want to increase the tax burden, –said Sergey Shatalov. The government made a relevant declaration, which is reflected in the main directions of the tax policy.” But this does not exclude “targeted” amendments. “This does not mean that there will be no related reforms or fundamental changes” – said Sergey Shatalov and pointed out that the basic rule that applies to any amendment means that conditions for taxpayers should not be deteriorated. “On many issues they will even be improved”, – said the Deputy Minister.

According to the Russian Ministry of Finance, the tax burden generally accounts for 34-35% of the GDP, the highest burden falls on the oil and gas sector. “If you compare it with the GDP, which is produced in this sector, it surpasses 80%, – said Sergey Shatalov. – For the rest of the economy the load is about 20% of the GDP”.

One of the challenges of Russian Ministry of Finance for the coming years is to improve the procedure for the return of excise duties to exporters. “I think we will seriously simplify the rules relating to the reimbursement of excise duties to exporters. We need to change them the same way as we did for VAT,” – said Sergey Shatalov. According to him, this will make the refund procedure more clear and transparent.

The Ministry of Finance also supports the idea of ​​creating a special simplified patent for self-employed people. Simplicity should mean that even those who are not registered as an individual entrepreneur will be able to obtain the patent. The patent could be received through “single window” service, that is, the amount of tax and insurance contributions will be paid as a single payment and business will not be obliged to provide statements to the funds and tax authorities.

The Ministry of Finance also favors a return of insurance premiums administration to the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation. “I believe that the transfer of insurance premiums administration to tax authorities is still worth considering. I think they will make it more professionally” – said Sergey Shatalov.

Also Sergey Shatalov said that the Ministry of Finance is in favor of the introduction of concepts of unjustified tax benefits and abuse of rights into the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. “As part of the tax administration and to make the tax system more in line with reality, we would like to introduce some doctrinal things that are missing in the current tax legislation”, – said the representative of the Russian Ministry of Finance and noted that today these concepts are firmly rooted in the judicial practice . So it would be useful if they were included to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.


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