Authorities found a way to reduce red tape for business

20th August 2015

Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation developed the concept of reducing business costs associated with reporting requirements. Now these issues are regulated by more than 800 acts in total, in general it is about a thousand forms of reporting, according to a feasibility study attached to the document. The main cause of excessive pressure on business, according to the Ministry of Economic Development, is the excessive amount of data that must be submitted too often and to different regulators, and the fact that these requirements regularly change. Annually the company has to provide approximately 49 billion “reporting lines”, which takes more than 6.2 billion hours, according to the materials of the Ministry of Economic Development.

The Ministry plans to reduce these figures: in 2017 – by 6%, in 2018-2020 - by 5% annually. As a result, companies will have to spend 1.2 billion hours less on filling reporting.

The Ministry promises to achieve this by creating a single register for reporting. This will be an information portal, where companies will be able to find the necessary requisites for reporting, templates and forms, a list of agencies where to send the data, the frequency, timing and methods of delivery, as well as the reasons why this should be done, the document says. In addition, according to the Ministry, “excessive and duplicative reporting” and the sheer volume of data will be cut down. The Ministry plans to work out the Guidelines by the end of 2016.

The Ministry proposes to include 1.5 billion rubles into the budget for 2016-2020 in order to implement these measures. The money will be spent on creation of information system of the unified registry and the reporting portal, conducting research on the optimization of reporting forms and expertise of applications for inclusion in the forms into the register, said the representative of the Ministry.

Without an analysis of technical requirements for the registry it is hard to estimate this amount, but it clearly needs to be something more than just a list of documents and forms, says vice-president of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs on Corporate Relations and Legal Support Alexander Varvarin. “Perhaps we should talk about the instrument that will allow filling the statements on-line and control its receipt by government authorities”, - he suggests.

“It is time to decide the problem with endless reporting”, - says the first vice-president of the All-Russian Non-Governmental Organization of Small and Medium Business “OPORA RUSSIA” Vladislav Korochkin. “In Russia, the problem with excessive reporting is several times more pressing than in other countries, filling reports can consume up to a quarter of the working time”, - commented Vladislav Korochkin.

Now the concept is under discussion, says the representative of the Ministry. According to him, the Ministry plans to submit the document to the Government in September-October 2015.

Source: RBC


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