Vladimir Putin discussed issues of SMEs protection with Alexander Braverman

20th November 2015

On 18 November 2015 Russian President Vladimir Putin held a meeting with the head of the Federal Corporation for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises Alexander Braverman.

At the meeting, the President evaluated the measures aimed at small and medium business support. Vladimir Putin noted that efforts to support small business in Russia are not sufficient enough and the Federal Corporation for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME Corporation) aims to intensify this work.

“In all world economies the development of small and medium business deserves special attention, and in most developed economies this sector occupies a prominent and often leading place”, – said the Head of State in an interview with the Head of SME Corporation.

“For our part, we definitely undertake efforts to develop this sector, but they are obviously insufficient. The structure that has been created recently and now is headed by you is intended to intensify this work, - said Vladimir Putin. – “I would like to know how you plan to organize it and what is now being done in this regard”.

“In a month with our expert support the Government adopted two key documents that describe in detail the interaction between the infrastructure-monopolies, state-owned companies and joint-stock companies, where 50 percent and one share owned by the state and the corporation in terms of procurement”, - said Alexander Braverman.

“The market is huge, it is 1.7 billion rubles per year, 10% of those that quotas are assigned to small and medium business, undoubtedly, it will be a sharp leap for small and medium enterprises”, - he said.

Alexander Braverman also recalled that the Government of the Russian Federation approved a list of 35 state-owned companies, whose purchases are subject to state control. In this sector, we are talking about high-tech products in the first place "- said Alexander Braverman.

He also said that the Corporation is launching the so-called marketing navigators for small business.

“With the help of them entrepreneurs will know exactly where they can buy products for their cafe, where to train the personnel, and the municipality or entity of the Russian Federation that can help with building or land,”- said Alexander Braverman.

In conclusion, he said that the Corporation signed an agreement with the Attorney General's Office, “and it will support honest entrepreneurs in addition to the measures that it is currently undertakes.


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