Businessmen discussed problems of tax safety at the Forum "Protection of interests of business"

All-Russian Business Forum "Protection of business interests" was held in the capital in the Central House of entrepreneurs. The Forum organized by "Professional arena with the participation of the budget-funded agency "Small business of Moscow".
8th October 2013

Billion for the "kids". Small company projects will connect web

Departments will give the credits to small business. A month later, the Ministry of economic development, the Ministry of finance and several other ministries will present the premiere of a reasonable answer as to why you should allocate 100 billion rubles from the National Welfare Fund for the issue of "long" loans for investment projects.
8th October 2013

The law on liberalization of criteria of reference to small business starts working in the Russian Federation

October 1 the government's law on the liberalization of the criteria for identification of entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized businesses will be operational. The Ministry of Economic Development has developed and submitted a bill to the government. The Commission on the draft laws approved a draft law in January 2013.
7th October 2013

Information conferences "You are a businessman" started working in the city of Tver

Information conferences started working at universities of the city of Tver. Conferences are devoted to actions of the Federal program "You Are a Businessman". On action young people at the age of 14-30 years receive information on opportunities and conditions of participation in the program.
7th October 2013

Government of St. Petersburg support small and medium business

In Petersburg will create a cluster of support of small and average business. Its main goal is the increase in competitiveness of the Petersburg innovative enterprises.
7th October 2013

The Government discussed the help to small business

At meeting of the Government of the Russian Federation on October 3 ministers discussed pension reform and measures for support of small and medium business.
Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev reported that considers expedient introduction of tax vacation for the new enterprises at least at the level of regions and municipalities. The minister specified that first of all it belongs to manufacturing enterprises.
7th October 2013

The Ministry of economic development of Bashkortostan, the Chamber of commerce and insurance agency signed an agreement to support export-oriented business

According to the press service of the Ministry of economic development of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the document will help to create good conditions for development of foreign economic activity of subjects of business of Bashkortostan.
5th October 2013

The Prime Minister Medvedev expects from the party "United Russia" participation in the development business

At the XIV congress "United Russia" the Prime minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev declared that waits from the "United Russia" of active participation in the solution of problems of development of business activity in the country.
5th October 2013

Business incubator Symposium held in Novosibirsk

The III Symposium of business incubators at the VIII Interregional conference on small and medium business will take place on October 10-11. During a symposium the assessment of efficiency of business incubators, the organization of effective internal work will be discussed with residents, external work with youth and work with the infrastructure organizations on support and business development. The question of institutes of development, integration of business incubators in uniform business community will be discussed.
5th October 2013


Makhachkala held a meeting of businessmen of the Republic of Daghestan (RD). It was attended by Alexander Ermoshkin, Deputy Prime Minister of the RD and Permanent Representative of the RD under the President of the Russian Federation, Abusupyan Harharov, Deputy Prime Minister of the RD Government, Arsene Makhmudov, Chairman of the Committee for the Development of Small and Medium-sized Businesses of the RD, as well as experts, representatives of relevant ministries and agencies, municipalities, academies, public organizations, open youth government of the RD
5th September 2013