Open Innovations Forum and Technology Show will take place in Moscow

15th October 2015

Open Innovations Forum and Technology Show will take place in Moscow on 28 October – 1 November 2015.

Forum and Technology Show Open Innovations 2015 is one of the largest events in Russia. It focuses on future technologies in the modern human society, economy and everyday life. The main topic is Humanity in the Center of the Technological Revolution. The program is focused on five specific spheres of the human life, dramatically changing under the impact of technologies – productivity, habitat, education, health and entertainment.

This year Open Innovations is launched in a new interactive format with presentations and discussions designed to follow the experience of the best international technological forums. The constantly open conference room features more presentations and lectures from leading speakers, as well as discussions, interviews and workshops.

Open Innovations Forum is mainly focused on the creator of the current technological revolution. His ideas and products drastically change the main spheres of human life, global economy and social processes. High tech corporations, startups, venture industries, government officials, entrepreneurs and scientists, consumers and enablers of high tech solutions will meet in October in Moscow.

Open Innovations Technology Show is inspired by the modern day feats of engineering and demonstrates the visitors the latest achievements, innovations, ideas and products, which will reshape our everyday routines. Four day exposition (29 October – 1 November) in Pavilion 75 of VDNH venue will give visitors a chance to get an insight into the technological future of the planet.

Integration of different branches of scientific knowledge led to a burst of technology and research. It will provide products, solutions and services which will become a part of our everyday life and culture. Open Innovations Forum is a global exhibition aimed to present cutting edge innovations from Russia and all over the world. The tickets can be bought in the VDNH's ticket window or online on our web-site.

More information can be found on the official website -


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