Issues of the Eurasian Cooperation Development to be discussed at the 5th Eurasian Economic Forum “Orenburg-2015”

6th November 2015

The 5th Eurasian Economic Forum “Orenburg-2015”, which is to be held in Orenburg on 11-13 November 2015, will be a platform for assessing new opportunities and potential for cooperation.

Within a short period of time the Forum has become the main platform for a discussion of a wide range of issues related to the deepening of mutually beneficial cooperation. Common market dictates its own terms, that is why this year it is decided to put the emphasis on the practical aspect: in terms of the organization of public procurement, subsidies of industry under Russian law and in accordance with the rules of the WTO and the EACU, risk assessment system, standards of competition, trade development strategy, improving investment climate, cooperation and import substitution, development of intellectual property market and intellectual property rights protection, role of public diplomacy and the mass media in strengthening the Eurasian integration, etc.

Within the framework of the international exhibition of investment and innovation projects “Efficiency and quality” there will be expositions of companies, municipalities of the Orenburg region and other regions of Russia and the countries of the EES.

Eurasian scale of the event is confirmed by the broad geography of its participants: the arrival of delegations from the Republics of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Armenia and others is expected. The total number of participants is more than a thousand people.

According to the Orenburg Region Governor Yuri Berg, regions should be responsible for developing cooperation with the EACU countries. Federal authorities have already taken all necessary steps to set up the foundation for the expansion of the partnership. The regions’ task is to make the most of new opportunities for implementation of joint development projects in specific areas. In turn, the regional economic integration in individual industries and sectors should be a solid foundation for international cooperation. This is especially true for the Orenburg region – a region on the border with the Republic of Kazakhstan, along the axis of attention to another major Eurasian integration – China’s “Silk Road Economic Project”.

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