Federal Law from May 4, 2011 of № 99-FZ

About licensing of separate types of activity

This Federal Law regulates the relations arising between federal executive bodies, executive bodies of subjects of the Russian Federation, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs in connection with implementation of licensing of separate types of activity.

2. Provisions of this Federal Law are not applied to the relations connected with implementation of licensing:

1) uses of the atomic energy;

2) production and turnover of ethyl alcohol, alcoholic and alcohol-containing products;

3) the activities connected with protection of the state secret;

4) activities of the credit organizations;

5) activities for carrying out the organized biddings;

6) types of professional activity in the security market;

7) activities of joint-stock investment funds, activities for management of joint-stock investment funds, mutual funds, non-state pension funds;

8) activities of specialized depositaries of investment funds, mutual funds and non-state pension funds;

9) activities of non-state pension funds for provision of pensions and pension insurance;

10) clearing activities;

11) insurance activity.

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