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Enhancing the availability of the energy infrastructure

The roadmap is approved by Executive Order of Government of the Russian Federation dated June 30, 2012 No. 1144-p.

Work Group Leader – Sergey Mironosetsky, CEO of the Siberian generating company.

The project is focused on simplification, acceleration and reducing the cost of procedures of industrial facilities and capital construction connecting to the electricity and heat mains, increasing of transparency of consumers and suppliers of electricity and heat interaction comfort level.

  • Increasing the number of export organizations, primarily on account of small and medium businesses
  • Increasing volumes of non-primary product exports
  • Raising the goods diversification level of exports
  • The time frame for connecting applicants to power networks up to 150 kW reduced to 180 days
  • The time frame for technical connections when no network infrastructure has to be erected, for objects of under 670 kW reduced to 120 days (to a year for over 670 kW)
  • The cost of connecting for 150 kW consumers reduced to RUB 1.17 mln
  • The time frame for preparation and issue of a contract (capacity up to 150 kW) has been reduced to 15 days
  • Rostekhnadzor has been excluded from the approvals when commissioning consumer sites
  • The approvals procedure with a power network company for internal and external power supply (up to 150 kW) has been excluded

Among other, the road map provides the following solutions:

  • introduction of the notification procedure for coordination with Federal Service for Environmental, Technological, and Nuclear Supervision of authorization for operation of objects with capacity up to 750 kilowatts and voltage up to 10 kV;
  • exclusion of conciliation process for connecting objects up to 150 kilowatts;
  • limit reduction of connection term that does not require construction of the network infrastructure;
  • development of a web-site to publish applications for obtaining/redistribution of power;
  • introduction of applications submission concerning the connection up to 150 kilowatts and up to 10 kV via the Internet;
  • adoption of rules binding regional authorities to approve tariffs for grid connection for all categories of consumers for each voltage level.