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Improving of business climate in the construction industry

The roadmap is approved by Executive Order of Government of the Russian Federation dated August 16, 2012 No. 1487-p.

Work Group Leader is Leonid Kazinets, Board Chairman of “Barkli” corporation.

  • reduction and optimization of number of the procedures required to obtain a building permit (pieces)
  • reduction of total time of all stages of the procedures for obtaining building permit undergoing (days)
  • minimization of costs required to obtain a building permit (% of GNI per capita)
  • the Federal Target Program "Housing" was amended concerning inclusion of targeted lists of land for housing to the regional housing programs;
  • action sheet to form affordable rental housing market and develop non-profit housing for people with low income.

The project is intended to simplify and improve the administrative procedures in the process of construction (from the stage of obtaining land-use planning documents till commissioning of capital construction). It is proposed to make the procedure more simple, clear, concise and cheaper. Road map involves fundamental changes in the laws and regulations related with urban planning and control in the construction industry:

  • cancellation of dividing land into categories;
  • determination of duties of State authorities and local government to put up for tender vacant land plots upon the application of physical and legal entities;
  • introduction of notification procedure of construction start if developer has all the required documents;
  • introduction of non-state building control;
  • introduction of officials responsibility for violations of the rights of sites and buildings holders during the construction.