Improving customs administration

"Improving customs administration" 

The roadmap is approved by Executive Order of Government of the Russian Federation dated June 29, 2012 No. 1125-p.

Work Group Leader – Vitaly Survillo, vice-president of All-Russian non-governmental organization “Delovaya Rossiya”, customs ombudsman.

  • Reducing the volume of documents required to complete customs operations and customs procedures when importing goods and vehicles into the Russian Federation and when exporting from this country, and reducing the duration of all procedures.
  • Reducing the time frame for preparing and obtaining documents that are required for completed goods import and export procedures.
  • Reducing the share of shady turnover of imported goods on the Russian market. Introduction of technologies for customs declarations and the release of goods, to reduce the duration of administrative procedures.

Roadmap, among other issues, provides:

  • implementation of institution of general financial guarantee implicating possibility of customs duties payment at the stage after release of goods;
  • introduction of a simplified procedure for control of customs value of identical goods imported under a single contract in the different parties;
  • introduction of technology of automatic (without the participation of officers) decision concerning the release of goods under the electronic declaration – first in pilot regions, and then across the country.
  • Businessmen are relieved of the obligation to submit the transaction passports to cus- toms authorities and customs declarations to authorised banks;
  • free public portal "Electronic submission of information" was created, now interested parties can submit advance information on goods arrival to the customs authorities. The share of the messages submitted using the portal, in respect of goods transported by road transport has increased from 30 to 63%. After the introduction of prior notification, time required for the state control by customs authorities, reduced by 30 minutes and is 53 minutes on average;
  • connection to the Unified automated data system of customs authorities of interested parties information systems is made possible.